How it works

Voorhees Group LLC is a pivotal resource for higher education institutions and organizations aspiring to intentional transformation. As a network of higher education experts, we can help drive serious organizational change for institutions that want that change by defining, evaluating, and integrating new ideas in hard-hitting strategic plans fully supported by operational plans so that there is a high level of accountability for results. Our approach involves collaborative matching of innovative ideas with existing realities. Our goal for our clients is to generate institutional clarity, align words with deliberate actions, incorporate data and evidence in decision-making, and utlimately to make a significant and measureable difference. We work closely with clients to give lofty aspirations life in actionable blueprints.

We help higher education not just to think about problems but to organize and scaffold solutions that work. We combine real world experience in high-level leadership combined with a mix of empathy and raconteurship to push traditional boundaries. We understand not just what makes institutions and organizations tick but also how to launch lasting change through accountable operational planning. Dr. Rick Voorhees has facilitated strategic plans and components of strategic plans for more than thirty colleges and universities.

Voorhees Group LCC works with selected institutions or organizations whose top leadership demonstrates a serious commitment to transformation and who believe they can sustain hard-headed thinking over time. Both qualities undergird success.  Our Pre-Strategic Planning Assessment checklist found on our tools page can help colleges identify both opportunities and pitfalls in their current environment as they think about organizational transformation. To further illustrate these dyamics our blog post points to the leadership required for critical change.

Please have a look throughout our site. We think you’ll find solutions for most (but not all) of the significant and thorny problems facing your institution. You’ll also find time-tested (and free) tools that can help institutions and organizations along the pathways to deliberate and actionable choices.

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