Voorhees Group LLC is a network of idea-rich higher education experts. We help institutions and organizations to define, calibrate, target and embed new opportunities. All of our collaborations are energized by high standards and evidence.

Voorhees Group LLC helps higher education not just to think about problems but to organize and scaffold thoughts around solutions that work. We combine high-level leadership experience, empathy, and raconteurship to push and re-define traditional boundaries. We understand not just what makes institutions and organizations tick but also how to create lasting change.

“The expertise Rick Voorhees brought to our Education Master Plan process took us to the next level. He quickly understood the complexity of our district and worked with us to embed strategic directions and goals for the future.”

Larry Calderon, Past President, Broward Community College

“Voorhees Group LLC facilitated an excellent strategic plan for our college. Theirs was not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach nor was it ‘one size fits all.’ Rather, Rick Voorhees took the time to reach a deep understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and used this information to customize strategies that fit our unique circumstances and to prepare for our upcoming accreditation visit. His facilitative skills in working with diverse groups of stakeholders are top-notch.”

Tom Mohr, Past President, Cañada College

“Voorhees Group LLC’s experience in assessing curriculum, potential student demand, and workforce demand and forecasts was pivotal in establishing our first Bachelor’s of Applied Technology degree.”

Jane Schulz, Past Dean of Instruction, Bismarck State College


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